Sunday, March 29, 2009

I sleep with one eye open now

Living on this rock, where things can go wrong quickly, I have adopted the habit of sleeping with one eye open. My mind continuoulsy scanning for wrong noises, the hum of the water pump which means my cistern is losing water, the clomp of goats in my yard tearing away at my little garden or the sploosh of a stranded dog diving into my pool. It is amazing that all this is done when there are so many other noises that can interfere with wrong noises. There are crickets and bird noises, and turtles that while moving through the garden can make goat like sounds, and wind in the trees, but yet my scan is never wrong. It is infalliable. I am alerted to danger even as my mind burroughs deeper and deeper into its own secret subterrean world entertaining me with strange ideas, new dimensions, while creating problematic situations, which it then rushes to find solutions for before the sun rises and a new day begins.

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