Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Ex-Evil Company

8:00 AM wake up call from AMEX. The company I use to work for didn't pay the last bill. I'm wide awake now and very ticked off. They want to know if I would like to pay now. "Hello: it's not my bill and no i won't." Instead I politely ask him to call the account administrator jerk (word not included in actual conversation or at least not audible) and promise him to look into it myself. I hate, hate, hate XXX company but never the less I downshift quickly and send a nice letter to by ex-boss Mr. O asking him to please look into it. He responds by forwarding my letter to the account receivable guy Mr.G who in turn says he has taken care of it. (As in today I hope) Mind you no one responds to me or attempts to excuse their incompetency in any way.

Oh well, at least it was a nice reminder why I left.....a boat full of idiots only floats until one of them decides to drill holes in the bottom for a drink . Tick, Tock...anyone thirsty?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ouch. Still no job and still no one to love me. sigh.....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

This is a picture I made from a dream I had a few nights ago. The 3 little tiny spots are like space ships wizzing by almost silently amoung these very long stems which support these huge building on top of them. The dream was very exciting as I love everything scifi-ish.

Had a Lazy Sunday. I hung my cedar birdhouse in the backyard which I can see from my bedroom window. I love the smell of cedar I think that house is going to make some birds really happy. According to the dimensions it can house anything from a blue jay to woodpeckers. I know they usually nest in spring but I figure if it gets cold or windy they could use it to escape winter for a while.

I love to give nature a helping hand after all it's only fair to give them back a house when we took down all their trees to clear room for our houses.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Isn't fate a strange thing. You go on hundreds of interviews trying your best and then when you aren't paying attention and don't care you suddenly just get the job.

You know, I don't even want a job, I just want the money, but that is what everyone wants. Money without work. Then I could spend my time gaining public support for causes that I believe are important. Saving the earth, protecting endangered species, limiting presidential campagne funds so that all candidates have a set maximum amount to work with. Why should the balance be tilted in the favor of the candidate who campagne was bought with tainted money and expectation from donors that things will be pushed their way?

Isn't this more important?

Went to my stupid 3:00 interview in NYC. It sucked, I don't think I will hear back from them and I don't really care. The job description was pretty lame. The worst part is when they ask you if you really like that position and and then they want you to jump up and down and say " I live for that position." Of course I have a feeling I don't make a very convincing liar specially when the lie is so big and impossible. What I really feel like saying is "that is the most idiotic question in the world, if I came all the way into the city, dressed myself into this stupid suit, and painted some makeup on my face then yes I am here because I want that pathetic job."

After that I went to barnes and Nobles accross the street to drown my sorrows in a good book and a choclate cupcake. The cupcake was disgusting. From there I went to go meet someone who is trying to recruit for his psychic developement circle. I am not so sure it will work, I didn't feel too comfortable with him. It's important to create a circle with people you are comfortable with. No one wants to meditate with one eye open watching the other person.

So by the time I returned to the train to make my way home at 8;00 I wasn't in such a great mood.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ok this is the bell tower to a church in Lorient, island of St. Barth (my native land). I need to focus on it and prayer that I get the job tommorow because my stupid suit is falling apart and I don't want to get a new one. So I hope that anyone who happens to come across this atrociously spelled blog will please feel inspired by my little bell tower and say a quick prayer for me.

Thank you!

Still seaching for a job. I have an interview set up for tommorow. Ouch! it's going to be the coldest it's been all year. Oh well. I will just layer it up.

I hope it snows. I like snow. I think it brings me luck. Snow has a special ability to make our mundane world look magical. And when things seem magical well anything is possible.

I hope it snows.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You know writing posts is like sending bottles with a letter out to sea. Knowing that no human eye will glance upon it and yet that child in you says it will be picked up by the exact typpe of person you would want it to be seen by. Someone who will open it and nod in approval and bring it home and sit on their porch and read it again. Someone who takes time to look at strange puzzle pieces found in the middle of a forest. This is an arm or a leg or the sun behind a hill.

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