Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I woke up today and chatted with my mother over the phone. Then I was late to for my train, which would make me late to work and then they I would feel obligated to stay the extra time to make up for it, which would make me sick sick sick. I ran to the train with out stopping and just made it. Huffing and puffing...I collapsed on the blue vinal seats.

What a way to live. I have to wake up earlier...

Must wake up earlier. must wake up earlier....

of course tonight I will feel otherwise. I will sleep late and wake up late and run to the train tommorow...what short memory.

My boss will fly to Europe tommorow or the day after. His cousin committed suicide. He will fly in for the funeral.

I wonder if it bothers him. Hard to tell.

This is it for tonight. Until tommorow.

a bien tot

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