Friday, March 23, 2007

Bad Cat

Sitting on my window, swishing my tail.
I watch the woman with the red fuzzy hat
I dream of putting my claws on
to fling it and make it fly.
i am sure it lives.
If i could just get closer i could grab it.
all that fluff is perfect for my claws to hold
after her always come the boys
loud and awkward they move
i think about how they less the less elegant outside
roaming and living and making noise
with their heavy bags they yell at each other
they don't look good to eat
there meat althought plentiful must be tough
maybe this is what dogs turn into
these boy creatures are old dogs
there is less people passing in the street and its darker
there finally comes her car
always she comes so late to hold and feed me
she will want to hold me before giving my food
this annoys me so and although i show her this she ignores me
tonight i will try a little scratch
she has to learn

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