Friday, May 30, 2008

Most Terrifying Moment of the Day

Looking into a 10X mirror.

The mirror, a cruel looking glass, made my pores into ominous cesspools of bacteria and dirt, and there were other things, things i never noticed before, things i don't want to think about. There they are in my head. They are not going away. These thoughts that live there too now.

Of course the mirror was on sale. what type of person would buy a mirror which only creates self doubt and an uninhibited desire to spend an obscene amount on facial cleaning product? Only a small fringe of crazy people who are innately drawn to purchase sales items regardless of value, need, or function.

I am going to buy the mirror. This is war.


  1. oh my goodness, you have far more courage than me! Despite trying every single facial cream/lotion/moisturizer/cleanser/toner/exfoliant on the market, I've always had bad pores.

  2. Meesha, you should look into french mud facials. I believe Burts bees makes some, I picked minue up from France when i was on a trip there and it works quite nicely.


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