Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leaving for St. Barth in 3 weeks

I am leaving for St. Barth in 3 weeks to take care of my house. My tenant who has grown into the habit of habitually paying late and is presently 3 months behind has promised that if he were not able to provide me with the full payment by the July he would leave. Which I suppose I should be grateful for as it didn't require legal intervention to have him removed. He opened a restaurant which apparently is not working out as he expected so I can only be understanding, these things happen and he said he would pay me the past months in increments.

Then just as I thought I was becoming use to this idea and make plans to visit my house for renovation and enjoyment, the neighbor who borders my little pool and the back side of my house, has recently taken to massacre the native palm trees that divide his property and my house. I am thankful I am not there to see those poor trees that took decades to grow in harsh dry land lie helplessly on the ground looking up at the sky wondering what they did to deserve this. My privacy vanquished, my house standing there with large multiple doors open allowing the birds to fly through is now also on display for these neighbors.

The natives on the island seem to suffer from a strange affliction, of chopping down all the trees on their property and sometimes even on other peoples property that borders their land. Then they complain that it's hot, it doesn't rain, that there's no water to be had. Try to tell them that trees provide shade, maintain humidity and encourage rain and watch as they look at you like you mentioned that they need to plant magnets in order to make refrigerators. I won't mention to them that trees are attractive, I am sure to get a look of pity.

I am building a wall. I may not be able to stop them from destroying their land, but I will preserve mine and the wall, which holds humidly and will reduce the wind that batters my trees will serve to protect them. It will also thankfully separate me from those people.


  1. You have a house on an island? Tell us more!

  2. I love your entheusiasm Meesha.

    It's a small island, 9 miles long, 3 miles wide, with hills and pretty beaches so that when you go in the car you are constantly going up and down and seeing different views of different beaches and seasides.

    The house was designed by me with help from my mother. It is made up of many very large storm doors, with little wall space, so that when you are inside, you are also constantly outside. There is shower with no roof and a purple flower tree with tiny shiny leaves called the Gaiac droops lazily from the ceiling by the sinks.

    There are virtually no walls, but a mezzanine bedroom which has a tiny roof looking over the ocean (mind you a block or 2 away).

    Since it is not on an incline the house hase a view of hills that surround the Grand Fond valley.

    It is the only house on the island that has a blue roof.

    To enter one of the doors you cross a short slatted wood bridge (for lack of a better word) which covers a little fish fountain.

    The guest house is very small, and you can only see the top of its blue roof because its covered by trees. to get to it you must use a little path.

    The pool is very subtle, and looks more like a fountain, it is tucked into the garden behind the house and has a thick concrete ledge going around it that you can sit on to talk to bathers or bathe on if you lie down.

    When i live there we usually give food to the birds who make quite a racket and fly through the house.

  3. Sounds nice, despite the neighbours.

  4. Thank you Drodbar. It was a lot of work, and aggravation building but the house does makes me happy.

  5. Oh my goodness! It sounds breathtaking. And I'm so impressed that you designed it. So jealous :)

  6. Thanks Meesha, your entheusiasm in giving me the courage to prepare myself to work on renovations which I was initially dreading and which I am now almost looking forward to!


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