Friday, May 15, 2009

Gotham Writers Workshop

I will be commencing Gotham's Writers Workshop June 9th.

Now part of me is skeptical, it seems a waste of money as I will be taking it online (I am presently living in St. Barth). I have doubts as to whether an online course can be as significant as sitting on hard classroom chairs which demand focus and provoke contemplation. Then also, I wonder if writing can be learned or improved upon through a course? Then also, is this workshop the correct solution? And also this, perhaps I shouldn't even be focusing on writing, but some other more suitable creative outlet.

However at the same time, I reason, I have been trying to write for a while with little success of actually setting my progress to paper. For this, I entirely blame the internet on, as it creates a distracting outlet for searches that invariably lead to new searches, till you forget what you were initially searching for. Now with this class, I am counting on the assignment deadlines to make me more prolific (which according to their website there are 2) and on writing feedback describing the enticing, thought provoking, interesting, merely edible, disinteresting, and yes, coma-tizing about aspects of my work (which again according to website is provide by both a professor and fellow students).

Let the lions in.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I believe you can make the course work for you.

    Gotham reminds me of Batman. Maybe they'll encourage you to write 'ZAP!', 'POW!', 'HOLY SMOKE!', 'GADZOOKS!' a lot.

  2. YOu make it sound like an adventure, which i hope it will be.


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