Saturday, October 14, 2006

Boy fall is swooping in at top speeds in New York. My little garden looks quite morose and grey. And I still have to paint my bird feeder so it won't rust to pieces but now its too cold to paint outdoors. I guess I will dig up the base and paint in the basement! oh Joy, if only i learned to do things on time.

This morning i had meant to wake to go to the Macy's day sale but it was so cool out and so warm under my covers I couldn't do it. And then going later to fight through crowds didn't seem feasible either so I was lazy and just did some food shopping, cleaning and took time out to enjoy the fall sunlight which is somehow different from all the other seasons.

I have to work more on my dreamweaver tutorials, do some yoga, some reading and then off to bed.

I will try to wake up early for a little run!!! We will see if I make it. Right?

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