Friday, August 17, 2007

And this was my heart

My friend calls me at work to tell me that she is paying for her boyfriends ticket from Italy.


Because he is a pre-med student and we are in love and he is the only one i will ever be in love with and, and, and.

ok. (i can tell by her tone of voice she has already decided. She isn't asking)

Then later, much later.....she calls and says she is paying for everything, taxis, restaurants, drinks, broadway shows. And he is spending a lot. (other people money is always easier to spend) And i have to lend him my suitcase because he doesn't have room for all the stuff he purchased. And i have to bring that suitcase from Manhattan to JFK for him as he is currently in Miami with his friends.


and he bought all these presents for his friends in Italy, his friends girlfriends, his family, and clothes for himself. Expensive clothes for himself. And he went to Tiffanys to get me a present but he realized he didn't have enough for anything.

(So he got her nothing. Not a thing, not a flower, not a flower pedal, not even a fake flower.)

What did he get you from Italy?



But he tells me he loves me. Amora, Amora, Amora.....

ok. uh, M....he's using you.

No. No. No. You don't understand. I can tell he loves me.

Finally she breaks down and she calls him.

He loves her.

Its settled.

Happily ever after.

Maybe not.

But Perhaps relationship exist to make us struggle so that we can learn to be humble, making us a little less hard, a little more sensitive with others . Perhaps its not all about getting married, but an experience to improve ourselves, provide us with depth. A journey in which we both suffer hardship, enjoy tenderness and acquire wisdom. I think my friend hit a bump.

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