Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It's the third day of rain and cold and its like August is having an identity crisis. I wonder why I can't have some sort of crisis so I can stay in bed and not run to catch the train, run to catch the subway and hobble my way to work in freezing cold office. The VP here has asked me to modify some faxes, which I do and try to hand it to him with a smile. He does not seem impressed, but I think sullenly how is that my fault? I am soorry the pages don't entertain you, they do even less for me.

Then there was my silly argument yesterday with my silly friend. I am still weighting whether I should be relieved or upset that we are no longer speaking. I think relieved. She is a lot of work and has a very irritating personality when things don't go her way. And they aren't going her way. And they won't go her way any time soon until she gets rid of her Italian-gigolo- boyfriend.

She accused me of being lazy, I accused her of being a gerbil on a tread mill. We took jabs, here and there till she couldn't type strait anymore sprinkling spelling errors as she finally and (i can assume) angrily disconnected her Gtalk.

She can be great, but she can also be a reckless hurricane full of problems that need listening too, appropriate nods and responses, and offered solutions that will be debated against and ignored. Then when things fail, as they tend to do with her, she takes jabs at everything around her. Still I am upset that I let myself get thrown into the hurricane. I should of just let it sweep past me.

I just had to test the wind and stick out my tongue.


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