Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Liar

I am not getting enough sleep. I am an 8 hour sleeper. I can even push 9 if convenient or sometimes even when not convenient but much needed. In any case I seem to be getting to bed later and later, most unfortunately the time I must awaken to make my train has not changed. And it is always too early and apparently getting earlier as I am sleeping later. Now you think that a reasonable person with fine analytical skills would go to sleep earlier in order to escape this painful routine. And in the morning, as my alarm rings and I tap the snooze button thinking about how I will make up the time, to catch said train on time, I promise myself in the most sincere manner that tonight I will sleep earlier. I promise this to myself like a gift. I look forward to it and placate my desire to remain in bed with it. I fool myself, I trick myself, I lie to myself, because as the hours tick away at night, I become involved in mundane web searches, listening to music, or reading. The hours tick away without my notice. And then in the morning as the sun rises and the alarm rings the deceit recommences once again.


  1. You just described the story of my life!

    I often feel sleepy at 7:00 at night--tired enough to actually fall asleep if I were to lie down.

    But I stay up, of course, and then get a seccond wind and suddenly it's approaching midnight.

  2. Yes, it's the second wind that's deceiving because I get so wired I can't imagine ever needing sleep until of course it's time to wake up at which point I then can't imagine why I stay up so late when I desperately need sleep.

    It's kind of funny when you think about it.


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