Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time to find a new job

I am searching for a new job in the thick of NY winter. I have decided to adamantly refuse to interview for positions which refuse to quote a salary or who quote a salary below my requirements.

I have refused to see job agents that don't have an office in the city or a real website. If I can't take them seriously, I doubt the larger companies I would like to work for know they exist or care.

I will do my best to win over my interviewer and make them like me in a professional way. I accidentally was working on the "like me" tactic when a head hunter asked me on a date....too much "like me", I make a note to tone it down.

Smile, people want to hire happy people, who wants to hire someone morose. I have time to be grouchy later.

I will practice the I am so great at "blah blah" list before I enter the interview. Everyone needs marketing.

I will look into the eyes of my interviewer and I will look sincere. I good storyteller believes his tales.

I will make a point of remembering names. Yes I remember your name because you are important to me and so is this position, so why don't you give it to me?

ok.....I am so ready, I think.


  1. Glad to see you back here :)

    It sounds like you're doing a great job preparing yourself. And I agree--skip applying for any jobs in which the company doesn't disclose salary.

    My last boss has been doing that for months. She'll interview people three or more times--people who have to take time off from their current jobs and fly across the country--and then finally make a salary offer well below the industry standard. She hasn't been able to get any one to accept the job yet.

    Good luck--you can do it!

  2. Thanks Meesha. Your promotion and dedication through the multi-interview process helped give me a push to do something too. I'm so glad you're doing well!


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