Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avoiding small talk of the painful variety

Taking my little pizza box I make my way over to sit in front of a fountain with other fountain gazers enjoying the last remants of the summer sun.

Since returning from the caribbean, and also perhaps, since being almost mugged, I have become more aware of my surroundings. I look more closely at people, and perhaps this is how i notice there is a man with an orange pants and green shirt. My eyes linger. He looks like my ex. However it couldn't be, because my ex would never own much less wear such colors. Maybe the green top, but never the pants. Yet I am fascinated in a disturbed sort of way, I try looking closer, I squint. As this person occasionally looks around him briefly. He grabs his ear and starts rubbing it. A gesture I think he did, in fact, i am pretty sure. I try to calm myself by focusing on the fact that I am sitting behind him so maybe he won't notice. Then even better, I think I need to leave before being noticed. I scoop up my stuff, just when i see from the corner of my eyes, he is making his way to my corner. Calmly, I get up so my back is facing the sidewalk he is making his way to, then I coyly turn and make my way to where he just left, quickly leaving him behind.


  1. You squint? I would have squinted too and probably been blinded by such bright colours...

  2. I hate wearing glasses because I don't like the way they feel. And i think life is much more do-able without seeing every detail.

    Yea. I was in disbelief about the pants, I think that's what kept rooted in place so long...I just couldn't reconcile him with those orange pants only made more bizarre by the green top. I was wondering if he weren't perhaps a tourist who didn't have much clean clothes left and feeling anonymous in this country where he knows no one, decided his appearance wasn't important.

    I guess i over think things...

  3. You're back! :) Tell us about your trip when you get a chance; I can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Thank you Meesha....for the warm welcome and inquiring about my trip! Details to follow...


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