Thursday, March 04, 2004

I sit in my boyfriends apartment not far from Central park, waiting for the proper time to go to work. It is grey and raining, and his himalyan bell above the bed rings occassionaly when a breeze enters. He is sleeping under the bed.

We were suppose to go to St.barth for a week, leaving yesterday. However the winter winds were so strong that the planes, when they entered the island, were irregular and haphazard. We probably wouldn't be able to go swimming or snorkeling or lay on the sand doing nothing. So we pushed back the trip and now I must return to my job so I don't lose my vacation time....

It's really tough to retrograde so quickly from st.barth vacation anticipation to back to work doldrums.....and petty office's hard to believe that wind could keep me away from my week under the blue waters, and atop pale sand.

Less then 10 minutes to get dressed and wash up....

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