Saturday, March 06, 2004

It is Saturday, back at my boyfriends apartment...eating yogurt-raspberry.

Woke up late, I was involved with lots of strange dreams. My bf was peaking over my shoulder, shifted my position, he now has view of back of laptop.

I am still stuck in dream zone. I have a funny fuzzy fog like quality. Drifting reality, smushed fantasy, lopsided hopes, mulified fears, miscaluclated stress....

I am in a glass building, waves are caressing the surface like an interested lover, I move closer to look at the waves, their rythmic qualties entice me. They grow in intensity, they are violent and crashing now. It is like a chemical reaction, they are reacting to my presence. They are losing control, their is an intensity that they do not control. I leave the building. I am worried, that it will not hold up.

I am leaving the building, somebody has asked me to hold a baby. I cannot say no, she has no choice, i have no choice. Holding the baby, their is a motley and disturbing group of men, they went to harm, or scare me. I tell them to come back tommorow. I can't put down the baby. They continue, I put down the baby in shallow water, but it's head always goes down. I try to put the baby on the ground and it begins to cry fearfuly. I pick it back up.

Later I am in a city, there is snow. It coveres everything and people have made intricate snowsculptures. Their are hundreads of strange birds lined up perfectly in the grey sky, flying in unison.

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