Friday, September 29, 2006

The End

So hard to arrive at the end when you have been doing somewhere for so long....don't you think. Friday and now its the end and all I can concentrate is on the end because I don't really see a beginning anywhere in the sight. I worked there for 3 years to the dot and I thought this is it, my life, my health, and my intelligence is worth more than this unchallenging position. So I wrote a letter and left knowing that in this market it might be difficult to find something new that I might want to do and which would pay me enough so that I might want to keep doing it. But now that I have been to a couple of interviews I feel I would be cheeting myself to take these admin positions in which I would be someones gofer and the very lowest on the totem pole.

I am not sure how I arrived at this position. I am an incredibly dedicated hardworker who graduated from a good college (UCSB). I had dreams and aspirations. I had ambitions. And now the world is offering me table scraps!

I feel imposed upon by these worthless jobs and I feel frustrated by life in general.

The worse part is I don't see a clear way of my dilemma and I don't think its from lack of searching. I wonder is it the economy, or does everyone just settle for employment they feel are below them?

I am very confused.

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