Saturday, September 23, 2006

I handed my letter of resignation in this Monday!

I was expecting either lots of pleading or lots of angry comments from my boss as I am doing so only one month before a very hectic trip to Paris in which I would have translated a 200 page catalog in about 5 days and then helped take product orders. It was perhaps not an idea time to have lost an employee but it was a ideal time for me as I would do such a great bulk of the work for the same pay and then have been tied up for 2-3 months afterword with processing these orders pushing my new job search even further into the cold winter!!!

My idiot boss.....said ok that's fine we already have ideas for your replacement. However....either his idea didn't work out or he was lying because he asked if I continue my job from home for "a bit".

Not sure I want to work for such scum....but anyway a copy of the letters are below.

Dear (name),

Tomorrow would have been my last day at work but I have decided to make it a personal day as I had 7 left of the 9 days.

Everything is up to date with Datafurn and all price circulars and general circulars have been posted.

It appears that this computer may be experiencing DF issues once again….just thought I would give you a heads up.

I think that’s everything.


Hi (name),
Are you all set with Greg on the Health Benefits?
Also, have you cleared all your belongings here or is there anything you want us to put aside, or any special instructions?
Let me know also if you are willing to work on Datafurn from home. I can pay you per day as an independent contractor (i.e. you have to declare taxes yourself), or keep you a bit more on the payroll. It is up to you. Not a problem if you do not want to do, I would understand.
Good luck with your job search, if you don’t have a job already. Hopefully you can find something that is a better fit or correspond better to the work/money/environment you want.

I am divided. Half of me just wants to have him look like the loser he is and putting him an awkward situation by not answering and not offering to work from home. The other side is thinking of accepting on condition that he retains my service till October aloung with my health plan.

I am very divided.

It's not like i am vindictive he is just a terribe terrible person and deep down inside no matter how much i fight it i would like some retribution for all the crultey he has inflicted on me and my colleagues.

After all how many bosses lose 3 employees in a 4 employee office in the time span of 6 months? Onlhy a really terribe boss who is also either incredibly stupid and/or wrekless with his career.

be back later i have to run to deposit a check before he blocks it!!!


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