Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wasting a beautiful Saturday with my laptop surfing the internet and listening to mediation music. I feel I should be outside doing things but I can't imagine what these things should be.

I am quiting my job Monday and I am not quite sure where to go from here. This inaction is causing me frustration. Everyone else seems to have firm goals and ideas.....but my life seems like an endless pattern of aimless movements in no particular direction. I have tried getting help from friends but it they seem to think this is something i need to resolve on my lonesome....I was so desperate I even saw a psychic....but it didn't work. What makes things worse or better is that I will be leaving my position a month before a big trip I would normally be required to go on which would be a tremendous amount of work and I am sure they will be upset but at the same time they or particularly my boss shortshanged my on raise I should have received this December because he gave someone else such a enormous increase it was no doubt taken from my upcoming salary. Although it makes it easier for me to walk away from this hostile situation, in the end i think its better this way because I may have felt compelled to stay had things turned out differently.

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