Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Ex-Evil Company

8:00 AM wake up call from AMEX. The company I use to work for didn't pay the last bill. I'm wide awake now and very ticked off. They want to know if I would like to pay now. "Hello: it's not my bill and no i won't." Instead I politely ask him to call the account administrator jerk (word not included in actual conversation or at least not audible) and promise him to look into it myself. I hate, hate, hate XXX company but never the less I downshift quickly and send a nice letter to by ex-boss Mr. O asking him to please look into it. He responds by forwarding my letter to the account receivable guy Mr.G who in turn says he has taken care of it. (As in today I hope) Mind you no one responds to me or attempts to excuse their incompetency in any way.

Oh well, at least it was a nice reminder why I left.....a boat full of idiots only floats until one of them decides to drill holes in the bottom for a drink . Tick, Tock...anyone thirsty?

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