Saturday, January 27, 2007

Went to my stupid 3:00 interview in NYC. It sucked, I don't think I will hear back from them and I don't really care. The job description was pretty lame. The worst part is when they ask you if you really like that position and and then they want you to jump up and down and say " I live for that position." Of course I have a feeling I don't make a very convincing liar specially when the lie is so big and impossible. What I really feel like saying is "that is the most idiotic question in the world, if I came all the way into the city, dressed myself into this stupid suit, and painted some makeup on my face then yes I am here because I want that pathetic job."

After that I went to barnes and Nobles accross the street to drown my sorrows in a good book and a choclate cupcake. The cupcake was disgusting. From there I went to go meet someone who is trying to recruit for his psychic developement circle. I am not so sure it will work, I didn't feel too comfortable with him. It's important to create a circle with people you are comfortable with. No one wants to meditate with one eye open watching the other person.

So by the time I returned to the train to make my way home at 8;00 I wasn't in such a great mood.

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