Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eclipse February 20 2008

February 20, 2008. The moon stood momentarily in the earths shadow making her a petulant rusty orange. Sitting with my head leaning on the window, my phone pressed to my ear speaking to my mother temporarily stationed in st. Martin and my broken glasses missing one arm laying slightly crooked on my face, I hailed the new red moon like one might hail a new era years ago when these oddities might be declared an omen. Behold the red moon, good news awaits us.

I did not know what awaited me. I did not think that much about it except to think how lucky I was to witness such an event in such a clear sky. Our next full lunar eclipse only appearing in 2010 and who knows what weather we will have.
The next day, feeling slightly blessed and slightly fuzzy by this great big red moon I settled down behind my desk at work. When i was called by my boss into his office I wondered at the possibility of what this even would mean. The post moon happy feeling being eclipsed by a remote but growing sense of anxiety. In his voice I could tell he meant to discuss something as he didn't sound his usually distracted self. I thought of my line of defense. Reasons I had not completed all I had. etc. The list was growing fervently in my mind. Tiny mice working tiny type writers listing my deeds. No lawyer in sight.

I sit and decide to enact a calm demeanor. He is telling me only good things about my performance. I brace myself. I know, good first, then the jab. I am waiting for the jab, I tell myself not to flinch. I hold my head up high. I know i will see this through. He discusses my raise and my bonus. I am surprised. I didn't think I would receive one. I consider showing my surprise or should i enact mild thankfulness withholding surprise to temper his consideration of whether this bonus and raise was perhaps, too considerate.

But i am happy. I am delighted. I send my love to the red moon who blessed me.


  1. The red moon... which I failed to see. Thanks for the kind comments you left me - I sent one of them to my then-partner, thinking he would relate as the island is prone to frequent showers and spectacular rainbows. He didn't get it, but at least I tried. Thanks again.

  2. Ariel,

    Everything happens for a reason.

    This was your adventure, you learned things, you got hurt, and you are growing wiser for it.

    You need to let go of things that don't work, and focus and find things that do.

    Thank you for sharing your blog (which I enjoy), and for your comments.

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  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Congratulations. What a relief, what a pleasant surprise.

    Do you really think everything happens for a reason? Life seems random and messy to me.

  5. Flores, thank you for your lovely comment.

    Drodbar, It's so nice of you to visit my blog, much negelected as it is....

    As for the order of life question...I think if we let life unfold, things happen for the best though we cannot always see it at each particular moment and even more so if the moments are difficult.

    Stepping back, looking over some painful episodes in my life I doubted the logic of the sequence of events as being for the best, but now I feel that this suffering has made me who I am. I do not think I would want to go backwards to the way I was.


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