Sunday, April 20, 2008

Codeine Smile

If it were possible to remove all painful moments as simple as deleting unwanted files from a computer would we be happier, more adventurous, more loving people. Would we be slightly niave, slightly stupid commiting the same error multiple times never to gain insight into our failure. Would a smile be worth less if it's filled with codeine and laced with ignorance?


  1. We may be happier in total but by the same token, unable to realise as such because happiness is recognisable only because we know what sadness feels like.

  2. Well said Camille.

    In order to appreciate the sun, we need to have spent time in the dark.

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  4. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Well...I'm not convinced that pain is really necessarily in service of the ultimate good. Some people might benefit through learning from a degree of pain, but there's too much of it around for my liking, and we certainly don't all come out wise and triumphant.

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  6. Yes I have to agree, there seems to be too much pain but I still think it is very instructive and sometimes the only way we learn. How many times have people warned me to be more cautious on the street, but until my first accident I have always relied on my reflexes as if they were infallible. I also gained empathy, I am aware and sensitive of other people feelings so I think this makes me a nicer person.

    As far as learning and growing from pain, I think it is up to the person who experiences it, to do with it what they will, but no matter what they do, I do think it provides the person with more depth.


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