Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Piece of Land - Part II

I was in the bathtub with a red candle flickering by my foot somewhere in the mist. The phone ringing somewhere behind the door. It's my mother. The bull dowzers have returned to my grandmothers property, they have knocked down a stone wall and are now shoveling so close to her little house it has become a health hazard. The family have once again called the lawyers who had initally instructed the family to stand down and not block the bulldowzers, so that they could prove the apposing party at fault , however, now, seeing how how much they have shoveled the lawyers apparently believe we have enough proof and have encouraged my family to take their own bulldowzer to block the entrance. It seems most of the bulldowzers on the island are reserved for construction or there owners are on vacation. My family plans to use their cars until a bulldowzer attained.

I have no heard news back since yesterday.

I have prayed a rosary. Is this how it's said? It feels like I am a very tiny thing knocking on a very large imposing door asking for help and not sure anyone can hear me.


  1. Then knock harder, scream louder! You're only as tiny as you let others perceive you. As for the rosary thing, good question. I have two, both gifts from the island, even though my faith is different. I don't know how one uses them...

  2. You are right Ariel, thanks for rousing me up. I will.

  3. How frustrating! I don't know the rosary, either, but I'll send some good thoughts in your family's direction.

  4. Thank you Meesha!!! We need good thoughts.


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