Sunday, June 17, 2007

Come Closer Please

Come closer please. He says.

I move imperceptibly a bare cm closer.

He smiles slowly. I don't bite.

There are lots of other things you could do.

There are a lot of other things i could do that don't require proximity.

I am mostly concerned about the ones that do.

But think of all you will miss.

And all I can lose...

What if I leave you no choice.

It wouldn't be the same.

You are right, an empty victory it would be.

Surely you can manage just a little bit closer in this obscurity.

You are wrong if you think this obscurity is a comfort.

But we cannot remain like this.

For now, this is all that can be.


  1. good illustration choice!

    (makes a nice break from work...sigh)

  2. Thxs. i took a page from a beautiful revolution and made my own little doodle...


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