Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rendez Vous

I tell my friend lets hang out Friday and get a massage at the place in the East Village we always go to. It has several separate message rooms with low walls that finish a about a foot or 2 from the ceiling to provide ventilation. I like these rooms because i can have the seclusion I need but still know my friend is close by sharing the same experiences.

Anyway...she says she thinks she has plans and will let me know. On Friday, she gets back to me about Friday, not that we haven't spoken Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We have. she asks if we are going out but i have already envisioned taking the express train which only runs early and is refreshingly empty as compared to the other trains and taking a warm shower, eating and retiring to bed early with the book I am defiantly reading. (defiantly because I am not really enjoying it but continuing to read because it has earned recognition so I feel if I wander down the entire path and see it to the end I may better understand and consequently better appreciate it. Not that I don't comprehend the story, I do, but perhaps I will better understand it's finer points. The points that the author intends for his reader to realize and enjoy.

Anyway, as my friend was taking her time to make plans I had already made plans with myself. As strange as this may sound, it happens to be the truth. More so, when i make plans I usually look forward to them, whether they be with man, a woman, or myself, and as I look forward to my future plans, I have of course no desire to change them. There is also the idea of why I might want to cancel plans with myself to be with someone who didn't get back to me until she was certain she didn't have better plans. Right? Besides, if truth be told, even though she is a great person, a neat friend, and plenty of fun to have around, I tend to enjoy my own company more after having worked an entire week with people and having my space encroached upon for such periods of time, thought this too, I cannot tell her.

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