Saturday, May 26, 2007


I am being quietly invaded by carpenter ants. It is war. They come out when they feel it is safe, when i am typing at my computer and they do not see much movement...they think i am busy and then they make a run for this corner or that corner and I have to grab what ever is near by, hopefully a napkin or something appropriate and smush it. At first I was squeamish gently pressing them with much disgust and a turned face but apparently their bodies are surprisingly resistance to this pressure or perhaps the amount of paper used cushions them....but as with all distasteful experience repetition makes us more resilient and perhaps crueler and I now press harder and look directly at the offending perpetrator.

And now because it is hot outside they are suddenly coming out in record number. I am not sure if they have some form of communication but they seem warier and quicker. It feels like like some sort of bad LSD experience and I jump at every black spot on the ground, or wist of hair which touches my neck.

I am going to buy poison.

This is war.


  1. My apartment was invaded by the same horrible little beasts. I ended up having to move out. Good luck with your war against them!

  2. Hi Meesha,

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    Yes the ants are quite persistant, but I have faith and have located their home so I am one up on situation!

    Blue seaurchin


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