Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Moth liked to fly at night. It’s cool out at night and there is no bright sun to burn his eyes and singe his wings. This was until he came upon a candle light and so fond of the little light which wasn’t as bold and brash as the sun he inched over to explore.

The other moths warned…noooo….everyone who goes there dies in the flame… so Moth flew off but watched the flickering light from afar in the dark.

Drawn to it he moves closer and flies around and feels it’s comforting warmth, each times inching closer until ouch to close, it’s true what they say it does burn he thinks. But so nice is the swaying light and the warmth that a little closer could be ok. Yes quite nice Moth thinks. So nice and white it makes me glow.

Mesmerized he can no longer leave the light but swims back and forth closer each time till his emotions get the better of him and he dashes madly off in the center because he can no longer bear to be any further.

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