Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I came out of my air conditioned tower of lifeless air, lifeless thought, lifeless work. The ice resides in my bones and it take minutes for the sun to seep in. I sat down on the warm steps and watch hoards of people move through the tight sidewalks. After having finished my lunch hour i put my bag to my shoulder and collect my jacket to notice a small lady bug vanishing up one of the sleeves. "oh no my friend, where I go you will not survive" and i gently remove her by allowing her to climb up my finger and place her on the leaf of a near by plant. Freedom awaits at least one of us.


  1. The smallest moments in time and in life, even the average day, can be some of the most beautiful. You made that one beautiful and eloquently described through your words. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Unreliable Witness! You are my first commenter.

    Yes, I agree with you it's important to capture and reflect upon these small moments....they are like spots of sunlight.

  3. In that case, I am honoured ...


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