Saturday, May 26, 2007

Poor Little Blog

Blogging is tougher then it looks. My poor little blog keeps slipping into oblivion and can't be found using Google and the few times in it which it can be found under is usually so far down on the page or pages no one will see it. Just as bad, is when it does appear occasionally with apparent reluctance, it doesn't show may latest post but some old post from another era as if I am not a conscientious blogger but some couch potatoe who is too lazy to pop open their laptop and feed it. This is a very unfair portrayal of my situation as i do care and i do try to blog at least once a week and am pretty successful in my attempts at frequency.

If any one can see me and is reading this please help. Any suggested advice or website concerning this issue would by very appreciated and will be followed up with visits and comments of your blog should you have one!


  1. In the same boat--let me know if you find the solution...

  2. Oh and what a stranded boat it is!

    Well there are a lot of websites and blogs out there with a lot of suggestions, most of which I don't understand and as they seem very technical.

    Posting as much as possible seems to help me come up quicker on a google search and adding comments to blogs that are similar then yours may peek other commenters curiosity. And of course sending out comments as you are doing with me is sure to help as well. Your blog looks interesting and I will go back to look at it!

  3. Considering we are all in said boat we really should atleast know eachother.

    Hi, how are you? I goes by Neily!

  4. Hi Neily.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Australia seems like such an exotic place to be.....


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