Sunday, May 27, 2007

Terribly Incompetent Employment Agency

There is this terribly incompetent employment agency (who had interviewed me at least 4 times and had tested me on computer skills for at at least 3 hours) and then later, much after having ignored me for 3 weeks, had called me concerning a job that i had already refused twice. Did they believe three times was lucky?

First the job opportunity was offered as a "temp", then it was presented to me again as a "temp to perm" and now recently it was re- re- presented to be as a "permanent and great job". What were they basing this phenomenal job rating on I am still unsure. In any case I thanked them as best as i could between clenched teeth and and told them that i had recently gained employment but that it was so nice that they thought of me yet once again. The agent seemed upset with me but seemed to be working hard not to show it, offered her congratulations with such a fake smile i could hear her foundation makeup crack under the phenomenal effort as she asked if my file should be removed from the active list. "Yes, please."

But no, no, nothing with these people can be that easy, for I received yet another call from the same agency. This time they had a "really great opportunity" for me. Wow, really? And they described what my unsavory task at said job would be without even coming up for air. You see the list was long. Apparently cloning would be essential. Oh and of course the boss was demanding. Translation: not someone you would want to work for and which in all likelihood would require that the average healthy person would need to go into therapy after a few months.

Finally after reciting this long list with apparently no commas, or periods, she asks if i would be interested in interviewing. I felt embarrassed to state the obvious that if I were to interview for this job it would have to be better then the job I was presently employed at. But apparently it was necessary as she didn't mention any reason why i would want to have this job which would be directly tied under the headings "income", "vacation", "health care" other "possible perks...."

There was a pause as if she is unsure what I am inquiring about.

Upset now at having to state the obvious in more detail and having to talk with this agency that I had already lost so much time previously with, I make a tremendous efforts to remain calm. "Yes, compensation." Why would I need to ask what the compensation is, does she think I work for pleasure and drop these checks in some paper recycling box on my way home? Isn't this the same compensation that she is expecting should the person hire me? Isn't this the same compensation that has instigated her to call me? She can't think I am desperate, I already have a job, wasn't that clear?

There is a pause and her voice sounds frustrated as she mutters "oh its about x to x amount depending on experience".

I tell her I am making approximately that amount where I am. How about vacation? She seems a little angry now....why? Is this not her job being the go between employer and potential employee? Shouldn't she know this information before calling especially as I am employed and it is difficult for me to make these type of phone calls about another job in my office?

She pauses again and lets me know with much irritation that she will need to contact the employer for that information. And now a longer pause. IS this a PAUSE in which she hopes I will say "no that's ok I will interview for this position regardless of pay and vacation?"

Instead I say "that's sounds good and can you please leave the information on my voice mail so that "we" (really meaning "I") don't have to play phone tag and I can make my decision as soon as possible. (doesn't logic stipulate that these aren't calls I want to be making in front of my colleagues or boss at my new job?) But so far logic hasn't played a very big part with my interaction with said employment agency.

She does call back the next day. "Hello this is L...., I have the information you needed please call me back."

I don't.


  1. It really makes you wonder about some people, doesn't it?

  2. Yes, I have to say it does make me wonder about other people...but it is beginning to make me wonder about myself and if I am not persuing enough opportunities and pushing myself hard enough to have a better job/life. I mean if this is the way the average person thinks,(or not think for that matter) i feel i should be farther along career wise.....

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