Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bad Interview

Its grey and rainy outside. It's wet and and moist outside as well as inside. I have all the lights off in my house except for a tiny antique restoration library reading light reflecting dimly on my white laptop. I am listening to "Cat Power - In the hole" from my headphones - it has this hypnotic quality to it.

I have been interviewing this week and running around NYC to find these offices. One of my interviews was laughable and makes me wonder if companies believe we are still stuck in the great depression so desperate for any job we are willing to jump hoops losing all shred of dignity.

Yea, well, no, I would do almost anything not to work for these companies. First of all I was given out an, 2 tests! After taking a bunch of Microsoft tests from 2 job placement agencies the last thing I was in the mood to do was take yet another tests when I was in interview mode. But there it was sitting on my lap covering my pin striped dark suit looking back cynically at me. On the top of the page it say "please no cheating". I am not joking. I tried futilely to squelch my frustration and fill them out quickly so they could be forever removed from my sight. I fantasize about burning them in the lounge of this self-important office. I already know I don't want this job however i have to sit through this interview so that my agents can hopefully send me to a job I may want who if I am luck may want me too. The test was comprised of a letter I needed to correct (grammar, spelling, punctuation) without making any changes to the content. The content could of used major adjustments. It is hard to correct something that doesn't make sense. I decided to do a quick review and not get caught up with it. The other part of their test was writing an email canceling a meeting scheduled for my CEO to another administrative assistant. I went to college for this. I earned a 3.5 at UCSB for this? And the pay they were offering was no where near meeting my criteria. I just decided to check out the company because the agent did such a great job selling it as a great place to get promoted.

I try to enjoy the irony, the girl who was interviewing who has been with them for 8 years announces to me proudly she went from floater (movable administrative assistant) to executive assistant. At that point an instant fatigue and headache started growing on me at an amazing speed as well as the desire to turn around and without notice just walk myself out of the office and the building. Mind you I still had my coat on so this was still a possibility....but seeing as i had already completed all my tests for the agency and had taken all this energy and time to woo them I sat through her 30 question oral exam.

Now i am wondering if i should proceed some more with these inane interviews or return to school. And if so to study what and where?

Which leaves me left to question. Is there growth after admin? Or do we forever just remain paper pushers and envelope lickers for ever? I always hear these great stories of people being promoted on the Internet and in magazines but I don't see anything that reflects this in 3D life?

In a matter a fact, I think these companies should take a bat and hit you on the head to possibly decrease your intellectual capacity which may make their mind numbing admin positions less painful.

Don't know why i chose the pic i did. I just liked it.

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