Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I was looking through one of the "Blogs of Note" and found an innovative blogger offering to place links on his blog. I thought this could be an interesting idea and perhaps generate some interesting comments from blogs of similar nature, an intellectual community in which bloggers could get ideas, give ideas and build on ideas. So I naively emailed the blogger and he very courteously emails me back a list of prices.

Favicons: $10/mo
moAvatars: $25/mo
moButtons: $50/mo
moBanners: $90/mo

How nice, right?

Perhaps this is good business sense if I were selling something that pertains to his blog subjects or even something that would interest his blog reader group, but I can't imagine paying someone to post my blog link? That's paying to be read. That would be the equivalent of paying someone to have a conversation with you or rather a monologue.

As it is my blogs are intellectual wanderings. Not billboard advertisement material.

I am tempted to email him back:
"I sell magical apples that make people obscenely wealthy, but sexually impotent, as this is a niche product which only interests a small group of individuals I would like additional information about your readers to assure that they match my market group."

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