Sunday, April 08, 2007

Three Little things I Can't Live Without

My little (completely) white Averatec laptop on which I email, blog, search the weather, search the news, surf, buy things I don’t really need but really want, listen to my music with, play movies on, write zany stories on which I show no one, translate my work with, created reports on, infuriate my ex-boss with, horrified my computer-savy tech warrior sister with (feels it is technologically inadequate and is terrified anyone wood purchase a computer based on color and design –sorry Jen), skype my family in st.barth with, use to teach my mom excel, word, google and computer basics with (and to both of our astonishment has managed to survive). ;-P

Burt’s bees (Rhubarb) Lip Shimmer packed in a totally recyclable sensible package. It not only looks naturally great on me, it tastes yummy and is only made of natural ingredients, keeping my lips healthy and kissable, makes them tingle as well as the lips of everyone else I smooch encouraging them think I am a phenomenal kisser because of all it’s zing and slick feel.

Green Tea (loose leaves) which I put into an electric coffee maker. Not only do I love the taste and it’s spring-like color but it warms me and comforts me on cold winter mornings, and the caffeine gives me a kick I can’t get with coffee as I am allergic. It soothes me cold walks, bad fights, uncomfortable confrontations, cranky moods, minor failures (I don’t have major ones I write them off as life lessons) and tastes great no matter what time of the day.


  1. Hi! Thanks for reading, and I like your blog! To answer your questions, that woman I was writing of is no longer cloistered, but is out working in the world...I'm not really sure how it works for those that are still in a convent, though. But I love hearing about her stories about when she was still there.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! What is your blog named again...?


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