Sunday, April 15, 2007


It’s raining very hard, beating everything down with a fervor and a fanciful frenzy. Sometimes strait, sometimes tilting firmly to the left as if aiming for some spot it suspects it may have missed in its strait downward path. It paints the day sky into evening offering dark puddles to reflect upon in the shapes of sudden bonsai lakes appearing here and there like random thoughts. The birds fly in strange leaps to make up for the winds unpredictable gust rushing back and forth towards the bird feeder…and as their is no need to be fearful of cats in the undergrowth they spread themselves on the grass not minding the rain but picking here and there at the moist soil. The weather eases my restless conscious that I should be running about on errands or enjoying my weekend in a more active style instead of hiding behind a book under the cover reading next to the warm radiator. This rain suits me and the birds just find.

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