Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Sister the Mobile Tech Warrior

Yesterday my sister contacted me on Skype. She is lives on a Caribbean island with her beagle (my sis corrected be she has a beagle not a bugle as was previously written) dog, 5 canaries, oops, make that four after the cat accident, and 2 productive and loyal hens with her husband. Yesterday, having 4 days off for the Easter holiday, she had some breathing time to Skype me and we chatted all day.

I showed her my blog and she mentions she wants to blog too about her job and life on the island. She runs around from business to business all over the island repairing peoples computers and trying desperately hard not to show consternation on her face when she learns they have done the exact thing she has warned them not to do, which is why she is now standing in front of them fixing this or that. No doubt they can see how sweet she is and then will inevitably try to get around paying the bill.

Then there is her dog, Clyde, her baby (only 1 year old). This little package of love and fur has already cost her a small fortune in doctors visits. But apparently her love knows no limits and she pampers him and plays with him and tries to protect him from the sun damage and her husbands well deserved punishments. You see little Clyde can see in Jens serene blue eyes his loving reflection and knows that in her heart he is a little prince. So when he feels momentarily alone, or feels he was unfairly reprimanded he leaves Jen & Husband little packages of poop in their bed. Not having a dog, I can never hear enough of these stories. I also enjoy the frequent stories of how eat everything in the cabinets if he can get to them as well as their remote control, their computer mouse and anything else he thinks takes away their time from him.

I will let my sister recount her own tales and tribulations on her own blog which i hope to post a link up on my blog (as soon as she starts one and as soon as I figure out how to posts links on my blog).

Bisous Clyde & Jen we love you.

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